Time: 12:00-1:30 PM (Lunch provided)

Location: ITT Tech Institute, 1522 East Big Beaver Road, Troy Michigan 48083  


Technology is rapidly evolving, and as such the service desk is also evolving.   As one member said, “it ain’t your momma’s help desk anymore”.    With all the social media and pressure to support external sites, access, security issues, and what-not, there must be more to life than how to answer the phone with a smile and what metrics to gather.      As managers, technicians and experts in the field, we are some of the most highly trained high-end technical people out there.  We have to have the answers or know who does and get them quickly.  But is that enough in this evolving industry?  Could service desks be on the cusp of extinction with self-help tools, internet usage, cloud storage and a myriad of other developments?   If not soon, maybe someday, and we need to be better positioned to be out there, be proactive, be cutting-edge, and not end up like the dinosaurs!


That is what this roundtable discussion is for.  We need to circle the wagons.  We want to talk about the challenges, the changes and get our members input on how HDI Motown can help shine a greater focus on the future.    We have a lot of talent in our membership and we want to hear from you what we can do to help each other.  


All chapter members are invited to come for this special roundtable discussion where we can talk about these challenges over lunch.     If you would like to become a member, please contact Joy Goberville for a membership and join us for lunch and great conversation.


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