When: Friday, September 14th

Time: 1:00-4:00 PM (Presentation begins at 1:15)

Location: Michigan First Credit Union, 27000 Evergreen,Lathrup Village, Michigan

Eventbrite - HDI Motown Presents: A New Dawn: The Connected Consumer, by Gregg Garrett

Summary: In Gregg Garrett’s presentation, he talks about:    M2M, Internet of Things, the Connected World; call it what you wish, but the world is changing now, and today’s market leaders must begin preparing for the biggest change of all – the connected consumer.  Ubiquitous networks + a social-media raised society + a predicted 50 Billion connected devices (in 2020) + Big Data Trends = a new environment where people are constantly connected and have expectations that the brands they trust will fit into their connected life. The effects of this trend won’t fully mature for another 10 years, but it has started to impact some traditional job functions already, and the rate of change will only increase.   Early indicators can be seen in the most unlikely of places, “back-office” functions like the IT Help Desk and the financial controller.  These functional leaders are referencing this as a need for “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), but this is really only the front edge of a much larger wave of consumer expectations that will leave most companies scrambling to adjust to satisfy their customers (internal or external).

After Gregg’s presentation, we will hear from some of our peers and have a roundtable discussion about their experiences and lessons learned from rolling out mobile devices to satisfy the expectations of the “connected consumer”.

Gregg Garrett

Greggory R. Garrett is the CEO and founder of CGS Advisors, LLC.  For the last 15 years he has pushed the limits of corporate cultures by developing and implementing unique market-based strategies.  He is a visionary leader who prides himself in recognizing commonsense solutions for complex problems and motivating teams to reach well beyond the typical boundaries to achieve greatness.
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