Customer Service Week is October 3 – 7, 2011


Customer Service Week is fast approaching…actually in 2 weeks…and HDI is having a great one day webcast extravaganza!  It is a great way to get your staff energized and motivated with some wonderful speakers, great ideas to build on, and promote teamwork!  It’s also a great chance to share with your staff your belief in what they do and how they build a strong environment in your organization!

As the centerpiece for your celebration, HDI will kick off the week with a 3-part webinar series, filled with discussion starters, team-building activities, and enough fun to fill the entire week, already created for you and your team!  Our one-day event, Monday, October 3, will be recorded and archived, so if you can’t participate in all of the Live Presentations, you will be able to share with your team each and every day something new and refreshing!

It’s free to everyone, you just need to register to get the login information!
Here’s the link to register:

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