Have you recently received recognition or praise for doing good work or providing an exceptional customer experience?
If yes, think about how it felt. It feels great, absolutely fantastic! On the opposite side, think about how it feels when you are not recognized for a job well done. It just stinks! It definitely makes you feel undervalued and even ignored.

Now think, are you a person that gives praise at work or celebrates a job well done? If yes, awesome! If not, now is the time. Be the person, manager, leader that celebrates success! Thank your team and the individuals on your team for a job well done. When you recognize your employees, you reinforce the actions and behaviors you most want to see them repeat.


It’s not too late to celebrate your team and HDI is here to help you. Customer Service Week is just around the corner.

HDI proudly supports Customer Service Week by providing motivating, inspiring, and fun-filled activities that technical service and support organizations can use to recognize, motivate, and celebrate your team. Use Customer Service Week as a time to reward frontline performance, raise company-wide awareness of the importance of customer service, thank other departments for their support, and remind customers of your organization’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Grab your team and join HDI for a live event on Wednesday, October 9 or enjoy the webcasts on-demand later, when it’s fitting for you and your team.

Remember, no matter what have fun in whatever you decide to do in regards to recognizing and celebrating your team!

Want to learn more about Customer Service week?  Check out http://www.csweek.com/customer_service_week.php

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