Have you ever considered joining HDI? HDI membership opens the doors to an industry-based peer community and grants you access to the latest industry reports and research, renowned HDI events, and the most comprehensive archive of expert advice and white papers in the technical service and support industry.

To learn more, check out the HDI membership values page. You’ll find information on membership levels, pricing, and opportunities for professional networking, like the HDI local chapter network.

We’re proud to be the leading technical service and support certification and training team, and we’re sure we can offer you the tools and information you need to succeed!

HDI Membership Values

Still not convinced? Here’s just a sample of the many benefits of being an HDI member.

HDI | Be More.

From networking at industry-wide events to expanding your knowledge base, HDI offers incredible opportunities to help you secure future success.

HDI | Be More.

Take advantage of face-to-face gatherings, peer-based learning, and world-class events to push your professional network to the next level and beyond.

HDI | Be More.

Gain insight and wisdom from the latest and greatest news and offerings from HDI, including industry information, surveys and reports, and training and events.

Join HDI today!

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